You know our neighbours. They live across the street, next to TSC and Wana’s Playbook, opposite Highland blue and in front of Redor. Yes, TNC. The Naked Convos. They built another BQ one time like that, rich people, they have plenty BQs. They locked painted men inside this one. I broke into the BQ and Red is my colour.

DISCLAIMER: COULD BE A TRUE LIFE STORY OR NOT. Reader’s discretion advised.


It is normal you know, normal for me to be controlled. Controlled by everything. The sun, the earth, the moon, my dick and the woman.

The woman

I lost it long ago, my mind along with other things. When I was seven, it was a threesome. My brother, our pastor’s daughter and me. I did not cum maybe I did not lose it.

I am 29 and she likes being in control.

I have to call in sick today. Last night was a rough night. She enjoyed herself. I must have to, because I ejaculated. I cannot sit, my butt aches. My wrists are blistered, the ropes were too tight. My jaw feels out of place, She hit me too hard. She is the love of my life. My mistress. My god. My weakness.

She controls me and I like it. When she is around I can never be out of control.

I ache to be controlled. When she calls me a worm, I am glad. When she inserts the 10 inch dildo in my ass crack and humps me, I feel fulfilled.

You think I need help? You should blame my help when I was younger. She was my first, after the threesome, when I could release. She helped me help her. Controlling me instead of me her, she was the help. When they sent her away I cried.

You think I am mad? Most of you have fatter skeletons in your closet. The anal sex you had yesterday or the gang bang you had with your neighbour and his friends.

My first mistress. She was huge, bigger than all of you. Her son, David, was my friend until he found out about us. She is subtle compared to my current mistress.

My current mistress. 6′ 9″ 36C breasts and a hips to kill for. I should be controlling her. She is stronger, She is deformed down there. She has a dick. You wonder why she uses a dildo on me, her member and dildo can fit into my bung hole. It is not that wide. You will be surprised how wide it gets after 5 mistresses.

I cannot get enough. Like every lady, I cheat. I am no man. I am nothing but a worm. You are shaking your head. You pity me. I pity you. Find yourself, release your inner freak.

She is back. I need to hide this. She will beat me. Today is friday, freak day.

I am clad in g-string and wearing one of her blouse. The way I dress when I am home.

“welcome ma, how was work, hope you are not stressed, do you need me to suck you?” I whimpered as she entered “will you shut up, I ask the questions around here” she shouted in response. My member was rising, I like it when she shouts. “shameless worm, have you washed the undies?” she asked “yes” I wishpered.

She gave me that look. The I am horny and I need to cum look.

I stripped. I helped her out of her clothes. We don’t kiss, we have never kissed. I go down on all fours, wiggle my ass like the worm that I am. I open my mouth to take all her 8 inch into my hot mouth as my finger works on her vagina. She is moaning. She likes it.

She is nice. She buys me clothes. She even bought a car for me. She got me my job. And we talk, sometimes.

Her member jerks as she sends jet after jet of hot semen into my throat. I do my best to swallow everything. Soon, almost, her vagina juice is out, I lap it up.

I love what I am.

Now it’s her turn to pleasure me. It is time I bleed.

Tomorrow we will have an alternating version of this. For Un-coloured Men. Ciao


7 Responses to “FOR COLOURED MEN – RED”

  1. This is all sorts of sick. Nice.

  2. Jeremy Targert Speaks Says:

    you tot me

  3. Mad something bruh

  4. Reblogged this on HEY THERE!!!! ,Welcome to Rodneypatrick's Blog and commented:
    This isn’t just any write up, this could be true , this could be someone’s private experience. This is all kinds of crazy,this is real.

  5. I’m trying to understand the motivation behind this. Your intro was very vague. Is this a salute to the TNC series? Or a mockery of it? Or a stand alone imitation of the series. I didn’t understand under what context I was supposed to interpret it.

    I’d be really grateful if you could clarify it. Cos right now, I don’t know what I’m looking for in this.

  6. SICK

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