Fade Away

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Fade Away
Life is short, or we’ve been deceived
Time is proof of that, as it edges slowly
But life is short
Death could come anytime, slowly or not
We all waste away
Life is short,
Cause we inch closer to death with every passing day
With every passing second
And if you think you get a second chance
You have it all wrong, life is no soap opera
One day we all die, so why shy away from death
One day we say goodbye, but most times we never get that time
Cause you see, time might control all, but it bows to death when the time is right
Too scared to die, too worried of death to really live
A walking corpse is what we are, as we fade away with time.


Heart has gone AWOL

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Heart has gone AWOL
A mental image in my head
Now I carry you around, but you have no idea
That’s the plan, can’t put myself out there no more
Been shot down too many times
Don’t you see the holes? The blood seeping out, its free flowing.
Now I’m lighter, but void of spark
Rejection somehow steals your light
Not somehow, it actually steals your shine
Takes away your sun and doesn’t give you the moon
Plunges you into the darkness, and you’re free falling in the abyss
Wondering if you’re not good enough
Wondering why you’re not good enough
Because of rejection, I won’t tell you how I feel
I won’t tell you what I feel
I don’t want you to know I feel
Cause I feel you’ll turn me down, like an image you’re trying to forget
And I’ll walk away dejected, head hung, shoulders slumped, Quasimodo by design
But I don’t feel
At least, that’s what you think
And I’m better off that way
Cause I walk with my head held high, my shoulders square and my back straight
But will I find love if I continue like this?
But, my fear of rejection outweighs my hunger for love
So please let me starve, with my pride to keep me company
Head held high
Shoulders square
Back straight

Getting To The Boulevard

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Getting To The Boulevard
Take a cab at forehead junction

Drive down to the luscious softness beneath the aquiline ducts

Travel down to the nape of the pipe, and tease Carotid

Then you feel the mountains and kiss the peak, flick and attempt to squeeze. Try to digest the mountains, impossible

Taking the trail to the pillars, you drop crumbs, lest you lose the path that leads to the mountains

You can hold on to the mountains as you caress the pillars

Soft they may be, smooth they will be

Then you sense the heat and rush in from the cold. Gentle you should be, as you work the fire to your taste

Don’t make haste, lest you put out the fire too quickly

Stoke it, stroke it, get the poker and poke it.

Add more wood and more and more

Till the fire is blazing for all to see

When you hear the gasp and you feel the bucking coming, you just relax and take a step back

Get the poker and stoke, stroke and stoke till you feel relaxed

Then add more wood, cause you don’t know when you’ll be cold again

But you can’t avoid the inevitable and you don’t control the weather

So when the rain comes and the fire goes out, don’t worry, just get the wood out

You’ll still stoke the fire some day

And when all is said and done, you will know you’ve arrived at Orgasm Boulevard


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Sensational release

Mild convulsion and vibrating

Ethereal bliss

And heavenly peace

This is how I feel when I give you my seed.

Grip tightens

On the inside and the outside

You squeeze me

I feel you vibrate and sigh

This is how you feel when you reach orgasm boulevard


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Maybe one day love will find me
I’ll just be sitting, minding my business
And you’ll walk in all smiles
As pretty as the sunset
As fresh as the morning dew
And say you want me

Maybe one day my dreams will come true
And I would be lazying around when it happens
Everything clicks and fall into place
The jigsaw puzzle is complete
And I didn’t have to lift a finger
Didn’t break a sweat, for my daydreams to be given life

Maybe life is indeed fair
And we are unfair to it
Life could be long
Just our time on earth short
Wait, maybe time is what is short and not life
Maybe time deserves more respect than life
Cause when time leaves, you don’t get it back

Maybe this world is a joke
And hell does not exist, and heaven is a myth
And someone is laughing at how serious we think it is
It is a genuine possibility
Maybe earth is Mars and we’re all Martians
And when this ‘earth’ disintegrates, we levitate to Mars

Maybe we all live long
And those that die are just sleeping
Waiting for the rest of us to fall into a slumber
And experience a peace that is ethereal
Celestial ascension after this could be the rapture
And we hear the trumpet when we slumber, dead to the world, but alive in the skies
Living for eternity


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Sometimes I’m empty, so I yearn.
sometimes I’m sad, but I smile
sometimes I’m weak, but I project strength
sometimes I’m tired, but I charge on

sometimes I want it all to end, but I’m not strong enough
sometimes I want to hold someone, but I hold back
sometimes I want to be held, but I shy away
because I must look strong.

sometimes I want to talk, but I shut myself in
I always want to talk, but there’s no one to listen
sometimes I want to talk, most times I’ll rather not
sometimes I want to talk, but I’m scared they won’t understand

they say “you’ll be fine” “it gets better” “it’ll be okay”
but I’m tired of the same words
what if it doesn’t get better
most times it doesn’t

Sometimes I cry and I don’t know why
So I smile so I won’t have to explain

sometimes I want to cry, but I smile
I hunch my shoulders and hope no one notices
I also hope someone notices
I hope someone asks “are you okay?”
but I know I’ll say “I’m fine” even though I’m not
I don’t want to be a burden

sometimes I don’t understand
so I act like I do
some say you don’t have it bad
I think, what do you know

just sometimes

What I Spied When I Saw Spy

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I have decided that whatever movie involving Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy is a must watch.

I was prepared for comedy and action and I got exactly that. Melissa McCarthy can do no wrong. She was awesome in The Heat and delivered that same dose of awesomeness and more in Spy.

She partnered so well with Jason Statham and Jude Law. Jason was different in this action flick, funny also, Jason wasn’t his usual self. Statham was a klutz and awesome klutz who showed us that even if he didn’t show his Expendable-esque kind of stuff, he will still be awesome.

I know I keep saying awesome, that’s because the movie was different shades of awesome.

A character to watch out for is Aldo. His scenes were the funniest by a mile, he really just showed us that being improper can be absolutely funny. He just kept grabbing Melissa in odd places.

First time I’m seeing this actor, Jude Law, he played Bradley Fine and would probably make an awesome James Bond. Spy followed the James Bond theme in a way, like a cover of a James Bond movie. Only funnier. Bradley Fine was awesome also.

In fact the whole cast delivered like DHL.

Melissa McCarthy was just at the top of her game. She had a not do major role early on in the movie, where she was the voice in Bradley Fine’s ear, then matured into a bigger role, her transformation was seamless, flawless and awesome. She was in the thick of the action and pulled off a move someone of her body mass should have a problem with (let it not be said I called her fat).

All I’m saying though us that Spy is that movie you can watch over and over again and it will still have you doubling over in laughter.